Zee news, India TV and NDTV.

Sitting near the bukhuri(traditional bhutanese heater) next to my late grand father Tshering Sherpa,who spent most of his time in the evening watching indian news channels like zee news was funny when I look back at it! Thank god! for that reason I avoid watching indian news channels for any national or international news. If you haven’t heard about John Oliver I would suggest you to watch one of his episodes where he mocks about discussions taking place in an Indian news room. For me I would describe the experience as pouring water over a stone.

Anyways who knew what was coming when NDTV few days back posted an article where it said an indian girl had been raped and murdered in Bhutan which is completely not true. Before that let me tell you few years back in India Tv they broadcasted a show or rather breaking news titled,’Aliens have landed in Srilanka and are now eating cows.’ That did scare me and my family.  Really!

The recent article posted by NDTV has taken the Bhutanese social media to unrest as they have socially protested against this accusation which is false. Fortunately a women who knows the inside story came to the rescue and requested all social media users to share that part of the story or along with NDTV’s story but with the real one in the share box.

The real reason behind the girls demise was that she sniffed dendrite and thats how she killed herself. I wasn’t shocked when NDTV posted such article but i am sure some were because NDTV is a revered news channel and I think most bhutanese people avail to it everytime they want to listen to international news.

However it is a sham that they can twist and turn and make our country look so small in hindi they say,’Chota desh.’ I don’t even know if I am supposed to laugh here but seriously dear NDTV or any other news channel the next time you report the death of an indian girl in Bhutan remember that we are not capable of raping and at the same time murdering an indian girl.

We love and respect India for the timeless aid and support they have provided us. We also are aware that India and Bhutan are what us(teenage girls call) BFF’s but this is too much. We can’t and won’t tolerate false accusations and look NDTV what your parody has caused, unrest for the bhutanese people in the south with cars burnt and looted.

Now I ask all Bhutanese people or any other nationalities to unsubscribe NDTV and switch to BBC.

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